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Guided Meditation

Everyone wants abundance in their life and you are no exception. You may not realize a need for it right now but you know deep within your heart that you can have so much more than what you have now. It is great to have enough but it is even better to be in abundance. This is where Pamala Oslie's Abundance Guided Meditation comes in.

Pamala Oslie's Abundance Guided Meditation comes in the form of an audio track filled with relaxing music and guidance that is aimed at shifting your beliefs and thoughts to be directed towards abundance. The guidance has every intention of improving your relationship with prosperity and money, helping you accept wealth wholeheartedly without struggle and guilt. The Abundance Guided Meditation Pamala Oslie set up utilizes unique and uplifting images that aid you in moving beyond the limited images you may be currently holding on to, replacing these images that are blocking your ability to create and attract abundance into your life with new inner pictures and supportive beliefs.

Pamala Oslie has her own radio show in the Santa Barbara area and has written books that have been warmly received by the public. So warm was the reception that she regularly appears on other radio shows and television shows to talk about her books Love Colors: A New Approach to Love, Life Colors: What Your Aura Colors Say About You, and Make Your Dreams Come True. She exhibited her special gifts at a young age and her fascination with the metaphysical realm, quantum physics, consciousness, and spirituality have driven her to take up training and studies in these fields, as well as practice at every opportunity she got to mold and strengthen her gifts. Apart from shows and books, Pamala Oslie is also an experienced lecturer for Fortune 500 companies and seminars for psychology, education, and health professionals.

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